Tom/Lutz: Two Scenes in 1983 (2011)

...These are just ordinary eyedrops and what I do is simply remove the cap and place it in my mouth, tilt my head back and tug the flesh above my cheekbone to expose the eyeball and ease the application of the liquid. The head is tilted forward again, the eyes blink to displace any excess, I remove the cap from my mouth, replace it on the bottle and screw it tightly. I’m aware it might seem a little strange at first but my hope is that through repetition it will become normalised and habitual... 


In Tom/Lutz: Two Scenes in 1983 accounts of two ostensibly unconnected incidents concerning male protagonists are told simultaneously. The death of Tennessee Williams by choking on the cap of a bottle eyedrops and the filming of a scene from Chantal Akerman’s documentary Un jour Pina à demandé in which the dancer Lutz Förster performs George Gershwin’s The Man I Love in American sign language are footnotes in the history of performance that become paired in order to inflect and contaminate each other.

Performance transcript (PDF)