Self-Portrait in Drag. A Glass Puzzle (2013)

...So this is all about trying to make reference to what’s here. The wall was already here.

Yes, and then I’d see how it would go into these blank spaces. It’s like a restroom on the auto route. Isn’t that a wonderful word, ‘restrooms,’ where you go pee.

I was at a gas station deli and I saw a can of iced green tea; at first glance, the guy whose picture was on it looked like Bush. What was also interesting about the can was that it had some writing in Chinese characters. This seemed incongruent with the picture—it was actually Arnold Palmer, the golf pro. 

I wanted to have the same initial level of involvement with the can, but since it was no longer at the gas station, this was not possible.

The best way to learn about interiors is to make them, or at least reproduce them, and the same goes for ornament and pattern...


A performance of Agnes Martin, Joan Mitchell, Laura Aldridge, Lucy McKenzie, Lucy Clout, Frances Stark, Isa Genzken, Ree Morton and Rachel Harrison alongside Joan Jonas’ 1973 video Glass Puzzle ripped from the internet in 2013 with extracts from the Noh Theatre scene from Yasujiro Ozu’s Late Spring. The performance was made for Tramway's Artists Moving Image Festival 2013 curated by Mason Leaver-Yap.


Mason Leaver-Yap on Joan Jonas' Glass Puzzle