Out of a Morass (2015)

Starting from an interest in the painterly influences that shaped 18th Century landscape architect Lancelot “Capability” Brown’s vision in response to the “lost” Brown landscape of Stapleton Park, Out of a Morass experiments with alternative readings of his legacy and the influence of culture on our visions of landscape. It charts arcadian vistas echoing across history, from Nicolas Poussin’s Landscape with a Man Killed by a Snake (1648) to the graphic design of pesto jars. A series of experimental research exercises weave together these speculative results to construct an image of the “lost” landscape.

The work was produced in collaboration with The Follies of Youth and commissioned by Pavilion (Leeds) as a year-long research project presented at the Hepworth Wakefield in April 2015


Out of a Morass was performed and designed by: Giles Bailey,  Georgina Buchanan, Isabella Carreras, Jade Cradden, Annabel Crosby, Naomi Gilby, Ryan Thompson and Miriam Thorpe. 

Sound: Tom Hopkins

Video shot by: Tom Hopkins, Louis Tuckman and The Follies of Youth.


More information about The Follies of Youth and Pavilion can be found here: