Our project is documented fully on the CIRCA Projects website.

Taking place within the North East of England, Giles Bailey & CIRCA Projects is a co-produced programme examining the possibilities and positions of an independent curatorial organisation, the relationship we hold with our locale and our approach to working with artists. Within this programme, various platforms from the canon of arts programming and exhibition making will be considered. This includes the interlaps of the artists’ medium and place of presentation, such as ‘publication as site’. CIRCA Projects will continue to work in multiple towns and cities – drawing on both art and ‘non-art’ expertise. From our early years, CIRCA Projects have ‘learned through doing’, examining the possibilities of arts programming in a wider and continually updated sense – engaging within regional contexts while contributing to an international discourse of both short term and abiding issues in arts and socio-politics. These are the guiding objectives behind CIRCA Projects. Giles Bailey & CIRCA Projects will focus for an extended period on one artist and CIRCA Projects’ three members: Adam Phillips, Dawn Bothwell and Sam Watson. Each bringing their individual interests and relationships into a conversation, to collectively produce a number of art projects shown for North East England in 2016-18.